Trappist Breweries Pneumonic

Man I haven’t posted anything in forever. Work has been incredibly engaging for the past few months, and still is.

I’ve signed up to take the Advanced Cicerone® exam in Chicago in August, and I started hitting the books pretty hard this week. Going over my study materials for the Level 2 exam, I came across some goofy stuff that I really wanted to share: my pneumonic for memorizing the Trappist breweries. Here it is:


                              “A Trusted Cottage Over The River Was Windy As Shit, Son”


This pneumonic corresponds to the following breweries (all Belgian unless noted)-



Tre Fontaine                                (Italy)



La Trappe / Konigshoeven        (Netherlands)




Abdij Maria Toevlucht               (Netherlands)

St. Joseph’s Abbey / Spencer     (U.S.A)

Stift Engelszell                             (Austria)


So there it is. I’m pretty bad at pure memorization, so its been a struggle over my academic life making time to commit things things to memory. As a mentor once taught me, “definitions are the hangers that we hang ideas onto.” So while trivia, definitions, and lists are kinda boring to memorize, it’s important to get that stuff into your head in order to engage with bigger ideas.